Your bird needs to be introduced to the harness slowly and gently. Allow him to play with the harness and investigate it first. You may like to pin it to your shirt whilst he is sitting on your shoulder so that he can see it is nothing to be afraid of.

Distract him with toys and treats once the harness is on and give him lots of praise when he wears it.

Please note: Our Leathers 4 Feathers Harnesses have snap-studs on the back which opens so that the strap DOES NOT have to go over the bird’s head. The above demonstration indicates harness training – this example is not a Leather’s for Feathers bird harness.

If your bird enjoys being handled and spending time with you, and you give him the time and patience he needs to get used to the harness, then his training should be easy.

If your pet is wild, bites you and does not like being handled then training and taming should take place first before introducing him to a harness.

Once your bird is trained to wear his harness, he will look forward to wearing it as he will associate it with going outside with you on adventures and having fun!



  • You will find 2 small elastic bands around one of the harness straps. This is where you fit and adjust the harness around the circumference of the bird’s body.
  • Leave those elastic bands in place whilst you fit the harness for the first time.
  • Open the snap stud on the crossover which is to be positioned on the bird’s back.
  • Slip the open straps around the bird’s neck and snap the snap stud closed on his back. (make sure this cross over is positioned on the back of the bird and not on his chest).
  • Ease the straps under the bird’s wings and clip them closed with the little plastic clips.
  • The bird’s legs are to be positioned IN FRONT of the strap that fastens under the bird’s tail.
  • If you need to adjust the circumference of the harness around the bird’s body then adjust where the elastic bands are positioned.
  • Once you are happy with the fit, after the clips have been closed, remove the elastic bands and glue the leather down with a strong contact adhesive. If you feel you wish to make the harness more secure, you may like to secure with 2 little rivets.


Our flightline leashes are sold separately and are highly recommended to attach to the harness.

They have a shock absorbant flightline cord and a wrist strap and toggle to secure the bird to your wrist. This will leave you hands free whilst feeling confident enough that your bird is safely secured to you.

Always use a flightline leash with a toggle and wrist strap. A normal hand held leash can easily pull out of your hand should the bird spook and suddenly fly off.

Furthermore the shock absorbant flightline will not jerk your bird if he flies. He can flutter down to the ground without injury.

There are 2 metal rings onto which you may attach your flightline leash -one on top of the harness and the other underneath the bird’s chest. 

Note: If your bird learns to open the snap-stud on it’s harness, we recommend that you add a fixed rivet just below the snap-stud. (Your local shoemaker can do this for you). The harness will then have to go over your bird’s head.

Harness Training Tips

(This demonstrator isn’t using a Leathers for Feathers harness in this video, however the tips he provides are great!)


BEVS BIRD BOUTIQUE have endeavoured to take every precaution to keep your bird safe but cannot take responsibility for escape if the harness and leash are not 100% well maintained.

BEFORE EACH OUTING please check the harness and leash thoroughly. The materials of this product are of top quality but parrots have very powerful beaks and they can chew through strong and hardy materials if they choose to!

Persevere with patience and encouragement and enjoy the wonders of taking your bird around and about with you.

There is nothing better than a bird who is not confined to a cage all the time. Let’s give them some freedom which is what these magnificent creatures deserve!

There is nothing better than a bird who is not confined to a cage all the time. Let’s give them some freedom which is what these magnificent creatures deserve!

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