Stylish bird diapers allowing birds plenty of out-of-the-cage time. Poop-free home, shoulders and heads!

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YES there is an alternative to restricting your bird to his/her cage and still ensure that your homes, heads and shoulders are POOP FREE!

THE ANSWER IS THE AMAZING FLYPER     (a bird flying diaper also known as an Avian Diaper)

Of course, all birds would prefer to go completely naked, however, this is not always possible because of the “poop factor”.

By using the FLYPER, you will maintain hygiene for your home and bird. Watch our online videos for Flyper Features and Fitting Instructions.

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Flypers have an open-back design ensuring unrestrictive flight and movement.
This design ensures a ‘more naked’ feeling for your bird, ensuring maximum comfort for him/her.

Join the Flyper lifestyle!

Avian Veterinarian Approved

Flyper Minis

A minimalistic Flyper Bird
Diaper design

Regular Flypers

Stylish & functional
for everyday use

Elite Flypers

Custom made for special


Flightline – Handsfree &

Fantail Flyper

Specifically designed for a Fantail’s unique shape


Design something unique!

Padded Chest Protector

A new item in our range 

Leathers for Feathers Harness

Freedom for Your Bird

'Love in such a way that the one you love feels free'

Out-of-cage time gives your bird a better chance of alleviating:

Your bird deserves it!

Click to watch video below showing Flyper features

Flyper Features

  • Adjustable Straps (Velcro and Slider) Super soft lycra for smaller birds
  • Velcro LOCK strap for extra security
  • Extra lightweight FLYPER lining
  • Water resistant double front liner pouch
  • Water resistant back liner pouch
  • Leash Ring positioned for uninterrupted flight
  • Troublefree “dressing and undressing” (no wing pulling)
  • Dress your bird while he/she is walking around – no need to pick bird up!!!
  • Poop free heads, shoulders and homes
  • Liner pouch hangs low from the bird’s vent – poop does not touch body
  • Colour-fast 2-way stretch fabric
  • Curved split seam shapes well over birds curved chest – snug good fit – prevents toe catching

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