An Incredible Tale of Friendship Between 2 Budgies and a Visiting Pigeon – Part 2


And so our story continues…..

Sooty kept coming to visit and Bubbles, Billy and he continued their friendship. Their antics kept me amused for hours.

BUBBLES – had a special love affair with my hubby Lloyd. She would fly onto his head in the morning, perch herself on his forehead and try to open his eyes with her beak.  This was a regular occurrence.  Once he was awake she would sit on his nose or head until he decided to get out of bed.

She particularly loved car rides. The minute the ignition was switched on she would flip over and hang from the bars of her little yellow cage and swing upside down until we reached our destination.


We took her everywhere with us in that little yellow cage. Visiting shopping etc etc.  Yes people must have thought me crazy – handbag in one hand and a bird cage in the other.  But Bubbles loved being out and about with us   –  so we took her.


BILLY  – We never took Billy out of the house.  We tried but the little yellow cage freaked him out so we gave up.   I have a flower arrangement on my dresser and Billy has fallen in love with one of the flowers!!!  None  of  the  other  flowers  but  only  a  specific  one.  He will fly and sit on that flower ALL day long. If anybody goes near it or touches it  – Look out  That is his  chick and he is NOT sharing her with anybody.  Move his “chick” to dust under the vase or clean up and Billy is  besides himself.  He and Bubbles were friends but not lovers x  Lloyd,  my hubby was the man in that girl’s life and Billy has his special flower. !!!

 SOOTY-  Was a character of note . He would interact with me in  everything I did. He had more of an attachment to me than Lloyd.  Lloyd would have a problem with Sooty  in the evening when we were preparing for bed. Sooty would chase Lloyd around the bedroom biting and nipping at his feet as if to say “Hey there is only room for one male here”. (See video)  Needless to say I found this behaviour of Sootys far more amusing than Lloyd did. Xxxx

I taught Sooty to respond to the song SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW. This was incredible!!!!  I would hide from him and then hum the song  and he would immediately stop what he was doing, find me and fly and land on my head   –  Every time a coconut he would do this. !!! People would not believe this until they saw it for themselves.

Sooty would love to share a bath with me and a shower with Lloyd. Whenever he heard the water running he would march straight into the bathroom, fly up onto the side of the bath and then into the water  to bath with me or peck on the shower door to take a shower with dad.


It was at this time too that I started making bird nappies (avian diapers)  and had some creative ideas for this Majestic  Sooty  Superbird.

And then the day came for Sooty to leave us and go home to his mom permanently.   He was introduced to a lady pigeon and fell in love with her and “married”her.  I believe that he has made a wonderful husband and is very happy with his pigeon wife.

We all missed him like crazy but believed that he was lent to us for just a season.  We are all so grateful for the time we had with him and everything he taught us about PIGEON LOVE.  This  gorgeous boy set my life on another path. I had no idea that pigeons could make such wonderful pets but Sooty taught me all that.  The bond a human can have with a pigeon is beyond extraordinary and wonderful xxxxx


So Sooty left us and… THEN THERE WERE TWO


Story to be continued next week……….

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